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Sunday, August 18   |   12PM  or  3PM
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Our Family Caring For Yours

Choices for Every Budget

Offering Options & Competitive Pricing at Our Funeral Homes

We provide funeral care to the greater Rochester area, taking pride in high service standards at every location.

Our Family of Funeral Homes -

Bartolomeo & Perotto and Walker Brothers Funeral Homes

In 2009, Walker Brothers Funeral Homes joined the Bartolomeo & Perotto funeral home family. Each have unique offerings. Both locations operate with our signature high standards.

CALL Bartolomeo & Perotto for Pricing:  585-720-6000

CALL Walker Brothers for Pricing:  585-352-1500

Ever Wonder What You Got For Your Money?

At Bartolomeo & Perotto and Walker Brothers Funeral Homes, we want you feel like you got what you paid for. We make it a point to understand the best means of adding extra value to your overall experience.

During an emotional time, sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference.

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