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Plan Ahead

Why is it Important to Pre-plan Your Funeral?

Making the decision to pre-plan your funeral is certainly a difficult one for many. Something about it just doesn’t “feel right” when you are still alive. Let’s face it, it’s downright scary, facing the fact that none of us are immortal!

Take a moment, breathe in deep and realize that you ARE in fact, still in the land of the living, and planning your funeral is simply a means of uncomplicating things for the ones you love when the time comes. But keep reading, it may just make sense to you.

Saves Money.

Funerals are an inevitable expense and can be a financial hardship when your family is not expecting the cost. Many funeral homes offer discounts or payment plans to participants who pre-plan their funeral. Paying off the cost of the funeral over the course of time is often more financially feasable and something worth considering.

You Have a Say.

Your family will work their hardest to honor you in your memorial service or funeral, but only you know exactly what you want. When you pre-plan your funeral, you are making the decisions for yourself.

Take Away the Financial Burden.

Funerals are not cheap. There are a multitude of items, some of them quite costly, that can add up quickly. When you pre-plan, you can pay for your own funeral and remove the burden from your family members.

Your Time at Your Speed.

Most funerals are arranged in a week or less, sometimes inducing hasty decisions. Giving yourself the opportunity to be more methodical about the process happens when you plan ahead.

Get the Fine Points Right.

Some details are important to you and may be missed if your funeral is planned by someone else. Planning your funeral the way you intend it can make it easier down the line.

Prevent Added Stress.

Your family will be under a lot of stress when you pass away. Ease their minds, even if it is just a little, by having all of your affairs in order before you die.

Ask All the Questions You Want.

When you pre-plan your funeral, you are present and able to ask all the questions that are important to you. You also determine whether or not the answers work for you.

Make Your Final Requests Known.