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Our Family Caring For Yours

What Makes Us Different

Our Attention to Life Stories

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Their stories are what we hold in our memories. The simple act of telling a story brings us back to the life that was lived. This sharing is helpful and starts us on the road to healing. And never worry if you aren’t associated with a church, services can be held at our funeral home, we’ll help you design a funeral services that is meaningful.

Our Approach to Cremation

Cremation With Confidence

Cremation With Confidence™

Cremation With Confidence GuaranteeIt instills just that, confidence.

Our 10-step, secure process for keeping your loved one safe during cremation is guaranteed. Feel assured that the ashes returned to you are unequivocally those of your loved one. We never want you to worry. We promise to always be respectful and take the greatest care in this process.

Rocky – Our Grief Therapy Dog

“DOGS have a way of finding people who need them, and filling an emptiness we don’t even know we have.”

Thorn Jones

It’s hard to explain the phenomena that animals can have on the human psyche. They simply seem to “know” how to comfort us in times of distress. Rocky is no exception and is available upon request.

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