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What kind of service is right for me?

What kind of service is right for me?

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It’s normal to feel a sense of resistance when contemplating what type of funeral you’d like to have for yourself. Shifting your perspective might make it easier. Planning now takes certain points of this hardship away from those who will be finalizing plans later. Burdens lifted. We’d like to offer some help. Try our Inspiration Tool below to help spark your decisions.

Inspiration Tool

Go as traditional or unique as you want. Just be sure you are getting what feels right for you. Click through our tool below for inspiration.

There is something comforting in what you’ve been brought up with. It is familiar and feels good. A visitation, a traditional funeral and graveside service give peace of mind.
For the Patriot
Honor the veteran in your life. A 21-gun salute, flag presentation, the playing of Taps can be wonderful enhancements to a service for those who served in the military. It is a special recognition they earned.
Why Come Together?
It is human nature to gather together. At a time of loss, we give and receive support. This support is vital to our very core for continuing on the grief journey.
No Church, No Worries
Having a Life Celebration is important to you, but you are not affiliated with a church. A non-denominational Celebrant can lead a service anywhere and guide you in making it personal and meaningful.
A Family Meal
Give it some thought, aren’t some of your most sacred times spent gathered for a meal together around a table? Whether it’s family or those close enough to be considered family, sharing a meal nourishes the soul, as well as the body.
The Final Escort
For some, the ride to the final resting place is important. The type of transportation or procession may be specially chosen. Hearse – Horse & Carriage – Motorcycle, it’s up to your creativity and what is possible. A procession route may include driving by a place of importance to the deceased.
Uniquely Yours, A Life Celebration
There are those that have made distinct impressions in their lifetime, whether through their life’s work, hobbies or passions. Share this in their services.
Home is Where the Heart Is
Over the years, how many times have you all gathered at home for one celebration or another? It’s comfortable, and may be the place it makes sense to gather.
Personal Keepsakes to Share
Mom had an incredible green thumb. You could hardly get around the plants in her home and green house. Giving away her living plants as keepsakes is like giving them a part of her that will live on.
A Memorial
For any number of reasons, a funeral service was not held at the time of death. Don't ever feel as though it's "too late" to memorialize your loved one. After they are laid to rest is never too late to find an appropriate way to say farewell.
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