Supporting a loved one who is grieving: The Do’s & Don’ts

Grieving the death of someone we love, is one of the most difficult and challenging times we encounter in life. Those who have yet to experience an intimate loss like a parent, child, spouse or sibling, may struggle for words, having no idea what to say or do for someone who has.

We live in a culture where everyone and everything moves very fast, we complete countless responsibilities by days end.  There is also the expectation of completing things as quickly as possible; always pushing forward, giving ourselves little time for self-reflection or about what is really important in life. The result is, superficiality. “Time is money and money is time,” “The past is behind you, don’t look back,” “Keep moving, keep going.”  Some of us have been brought up to not talk about their loved one who has passed and may take it a step further to rid themselves of all of their belongings immediately. “Maybe if I can’t see his/her things or their picture, then the death will be easier to deal with.”

What we’ve been taught to say

As a grief and loss s