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Funerals, Like Anything Else… You Have Options

Hugging Outside

If you put two funeral plans side-by-side, no two would be identical. We are unique beings, as should our final celebration! Whether you pre-plan your own funeral or are helping to make choices for someone you care for, the services you choose can run the gamut. Traditional or uniquely yours, always give it the thought it deserves.

Gather Together

A Group Of People

Why do we gather together? After the death of your loved one, accepting condolences in public is hard. A visitation is designed to give a private, safe place to be supported by those who care about you during this difficult time. A funeral service is an important time to celebrate a life. It gives your circle of connections the opportunity to show they care and pay their respects to the deceased.

Two locations that provide options & value for every budget.

Many have associated Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home with high standard – high price. We are now happy to be able to offer that same high standard of service with more pricing options. We welcome you to our family of funeral homes. See price grids below to see how we compare.


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A Life Celebration

They meant a lot to you and you want to Celebrate their life. The choices shown below offer more life-honoring services.

All Prices effective: September 1, 2023. Subject to change, without notice. Note: Package prices are baseline. Actual pricing will vary based upon additional options selected. Third party fees such as church and cemetery will be additional charges.

A Pure & Simple Funeral

If keeping it simple is appropriate for you, see the options we have available. 

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