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How to Plan a Funeral

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How to Plan a Funeral

It feels good knowing your plans are in order. Planning ahead provides you peace of mind that your personal wishes are known and protects your family from having to make tough decisions during a time of extreme stress and grief.

Approximate time it'll take: 60 minutes

What you'll need:

- A Computer.
- Internet Connection.
- Copy of your will (if you have one)

Steps to plan your funeral

Prepare a contact list
Prepare a contact list of individuals who should be notified in a medical emergency or death
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Write the obituary
Write an obituary or jot down information you might like included, such as biographical information, interests, hobbies, and more.
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Decide where to publish the obituary
Decide where the obituary and memorial information should appear and how people will be notified of your death and service information. It could be the newspaper, funeral home website, email list, etc.
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Choose services and disposition
Choose the type of service you would like to offer for family and friends to attend and grieve. Also determine the disposition of the body, such as burial or cremation.
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Designate power of attorney
Designate a power of attorney to ensure that proper information can be accessed in the event of your illness or death and ensure your wishes are carried out. Provide them with a copy of your will.
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Contact your preferred funeral home, where one of their directors will transfer your information to a formal document that will be mailed to you for you to put in safekeeping with your other personal papers.
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