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Questions To Ask Your Cremation Provider

Cremation is becoming a popular choice for disposition today. Many full-service funeral homes either cremate on-site, or help to facilitate it. It’s even common now to see pop-up, discount cremation storefronts that will coordinate cremations.

Wherever you decide to go, it is important to not only ask questions, but put thought into a funeral plan that will help honor your loved one and fulfill your emotional needs.

    • The Facility

    Is the facility clean and secure? Can you tour it? Specifically, where will your loved one be before the cremation?

    • New York Regulations

    Does the crematory adhere to all New York State regulations? Do they keep accurate records?

    • Transport

    Does the firm provide transportation to the crematory? Will transportation be respectful and exclusive for your loved one, or on a communal vehicle with other deceased persons?

    • Final Goodbye

    Can the family say goodbye to their loved one before the cremation? If so, where will this take place? Will there be staff to coordinate a final goodbye?

    • Published Code of Conduct

    Does the cremation provider follow a published code of conduct? Can you see it?

    and most importantly…

    • Positive Identification

    So that you can be assured that you have your loved one’s actual remains… How does the firm positively identify the cremated remains they receive from the crematory? Do they guarantee it?

Feel assured that Bartolomeo & Perotto follows a strict code of conduct with great respect for the deceased when facilitating cremation. Feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have. Please call 585-720-6000.

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