The Generation Two (G2) Volunteer Program

Volunteering – Helping Yourself & Helping Others!

Your grief journey takes you places you never imagined you’d be. While navigating the emotional challenges you may ask yourself: What can I do to counteract my grief? How do I find steady footing and feel balanced again? The choice to take action seems hard in the midst of it all but allowing yourself to take the first step begins the process of righting the ship.

Paying it forward is an incredible coping mechanism that can help to lessen your feelings of sadness, anxiety, or loneliness. You may be surprised to find how much shifting your mindset to helping others can be healing to you. Volunteering can help fill a void and nourish your soul.

If this is something your heart leads you to, we are pleased to introduce you to a meaningful program that may satisfy this need.

The Generation Two (G2) Volunteer Program

If you like the idea of providing meaningful relationships with children to help them learn and grow, the Intergenerational G2 volunteer program might be right for you.

The mission of this program is to strengthen young children’s social and emotional development. This happens by using child-directed play, which empowers empathic, trusted adults to understand them. Child-directed play allows children to make the rules and change the rules. They lead during play sessions. Just think, by using your positive energies you can make a difference to a whole new generation!

Volunteers that are already in the program have found it to be two-fold, where as much as you give, you get back!

  • 90% of G2 volunteers return to particip