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STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Debbie Valle, Funeral Assistant, Flower Runner & Grandmother

We are blessed by the extended team we have working here at Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home. Our outer ring staff are an invaluable mainstay and frankly many of them may be just as recognizable, if not more so, than some of our full-time staff! These are the faces that greet you at the door or the reception desk and help direct you as you pay your respects at a visitation or a funeral service, it may be a driver or someone helping at the church or cemetery.

One of these friendly faces is a regular here at the funeral home and you might be surprised when you see her that she is a grandmother of seven! Debbie Valle has graced the halls of Bartolomeo & Perotto for the better part of three years now. She got to know Dave Perotto during her trips to work out at the YMCA where they are both members. She was looking for part-time work and Dave proposed she come work for the funeral home. He needed some part-time funeral assistants, Debbie was a people-person, so it naturally felt like a good fit. The Perottos had also helped with some of her family funeral arrangements and she was familiar with them and their philosophies and helping people with loss. She too, hoped that by being present for families during this stressful time that she could be of help to them when they needed it.

The rest of her story…  After years working in retail, Debbie is one of many Kodak “retirees.” After working at Kodak for 27 years, she teamed up and helped run her husband’s business, Valle Baseball, Inc. where they offered batting cages and golf simulators as well as a retail store. The business evolved and is now more focused on selling Valle athletic products like training gloves and the Valle Shield screen, some of which are manufactured here in Rochester and are being used by Major League baseball teams. Debbie is still involved in the business but was happy to find her niche here at Bartolomeos where she can interact with people on a regular basis. She is always motivated and full of care in whatever she does here at the funeral home.

Though Debbie is a twin, she truly is one of a kind! Her and her sister’s fraternal “twinness” is apparent, like night and day, she admits. And their three brothers managed to keep them outnumbered.  She has a lot to give, not only to her work family, but to her own family. Married 34 years to former Rochester Red Wing, John Valle, he & Debbie are proud of their two daughters and son.  …And of course, their brood of seven grandchildren! She enjoys her time with her family and with her friends, especially her gal pal gang who travel annually together and have loads of fun. Sometimes she even gets in a round of golf or two when the sun is shining!

If you are lucky enough to stop and converse with Debbie, she is one you’ll likely remember, and she may just help take off the edge during your visit. Simply, a very nice person.


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