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STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Bob Scarciotta, Funeral Assistant & Driver

Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home employs many different people for many different jobs that are not only vital to the success of our business, but more so for serving our families to the best of our ability. Funeral assistants, limo drivers, hearse drivers, car washers, flower runners, hair dressers, food servers, cleaning & maintenance crew members; they all form a solid team that makes your loved one’s final life celebration seamless and as stress-free as possible for attending family and friends.

Bob Scarciotta is one of those necessary pieces to the big picture. As a Funeral Assistant and Driver, it’s possible many of you have been greeted by him as you enter the funeral home or in one of our cars, getting you safely to the church or cemetery. His history with the Perotto family is as long as the limos he drives.

Way back when, he and his family lived down the street from Phil & Dottie Perotto when they lived in an apartment above the funeral home, back in its Lexington Avenue days. Bob served on several church committees and councils with Phil while they were members of Most Precious Blood Church. Coincidently, his wife Nancy, was a teacher at MPB grammar school and taught two of our funeral directors, Mike Perotto and Billy Padulo while they were students there. Bob’s ties to the Perottos are still strong and their times together were filled with many great memories, too numerous to mention!

Who was Bob Scarciotta before he joined the Bartolomeo & Perotto team? He was a 35+ year career accountant, employed most recently as Chief Financial Officer of Catalyst, a local direct marketing advertising company, where he retired in 2012. More importantly, Bob was, and still is a family man. He married his wife Nancy in 1975 after being introduced by his youngest sister Mary Lou who was also one of Nancy’s students. The happy couple of 42+ years are now content in their retirement together. They enjoy spending time with their two grown daughters, Lisa and Amy and their sizable extended family. Family has always been important to Bob, as he was surrounded by it with 4 sisters growing up, and now as you can imagine the family gatherings are quite large. The swarm that gathers for the Scarciotta get-togethers are sometimes loud, they may be chaotic, but they’re always something very special.

Now that the joys of retirement are kicking in, Bob has time to do all the things he loves, like traveling to different places and visiting friends and family. …And (of course) taking in the Yankees spring training! He and Nancy travel annually to Tampa to see what the pre-season team looks like, as well as going to various American League cities to watch games. He’s also a loyal…  but long-suffering fan of the Buffalo Bills and Sabres.

Take a look out on Keuka Lake in the sunny months and you might see Bob and his family, fishing, canoeing, or kayaking. He also likes to fish in the Adirondacks, venturing up there 1 or 2 times a year. It’s possible that his love of the Finger Lakes region influenced his creation of “Bobinator Vineyards,” his own “brand” of wine, finding a lot of satisfaction in this hobby. Outside of the bottle, he also produces enough tomatoes and peppers in his garden to feed a small nation. If you’re within a mile radius of his garden, you’re sure to reap the benefits of his green thumb.

Having extra time also gave Bob the opportunity to still work when he wanted. It started out a few hours a week just to fill free time, but quickly turned into something much more. Bob says for him it is very rewarding to be able to help people at what is one of the hardest times in their lives. Just lending an ear to listen to them talk about their loved one or being able to assist a family in some way in church or at the cemetery is very satisfying to him. To see the look of ‘thanks’ in their eyes or hear how we were able to help and be of service to them through this difficult time makes it all worth it to him.

Bob Scarciotta is more than a long-time friend of the Perottos, he’s become an integral fixture in all aspects of supporting our families and the celebrations of their loved ones’ lives. He’s more than the “man in the suit” as you enter the funeral home, he’s friendly and genuine and will go at great lengths to make your experience as good as it can be.

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