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What is a Celebrant Funeral Service?

SEMINAR: What is a Celebrant Funeral Service?


We will serve a light lunch after the seminar.

A Celebrant Service is a wonderful way to honor life. Maybe you have heard of a Celebrant Service and have a vague idea of what it entails, but more importantly, why should you care what a celebrant funeral service is? Some may want to “skip” the funeral as they don’t identify with any religion and often the agonizing question resonates… “How do I honor my loved one?”

Simply taking the time to have a life celebration eradicates future regret and helps with the first steps to your grief and healing. This seminar will guide you in how a Celebrant Service can fulfill your needs for a meaningful and unique life celebration.

Bartolomeo & Perotto will host the seminar at the funeral home, located at 1411 Vintage Lane, Rochester, NY 14420

Registration for this event is required, as seating is limited.


Call 585-720-6000


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