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Sunday, August 18   |   12PM  or  3PM
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Spring is a gratifying time of year. It promises the beginning of warmer weather, new life and rejuvenation. With refreshed energy and a sense of possibility, Spring offers hope for restoration in all aspects of life.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Why ask the question? It is more important to simply contemplate the symbolism of life and renewal. This symbolism is present in many genres, but the metaphor of the chick emerging from its protective shell characterizes the uncertainties and possibilities that we all struggle and strive for.

We can all imagine the feeling of warmth and protection of being inside an egg like a baby chick. There are times we all harbor ourselves from grief, guilt and making difficult decisions. We stay warm and protected inside our shell, avoiding what lies outside. It’s comfortable. However, the fear of what lies beyond can hold us back from undiscovered joy and happiness. 

As with the chick, it is an instinct, or in our case a thoughtful decision that compels us to move forward and open ourselves up to new possibilities. Pecking through that shell is not easy and can be a fear-filled process. What is on the other side of that shell? Can I handle it? Will I still feel safe and loved? 

As with any struggle, overcoming these fears can ultimately be counteracted by rejuvenation and hope. Once you have taken that step over the threshold of fear, you are giving yourself permission to new possibilities and growth.

In doing this your shell of protection must be shed, making yourself vulnerable. For every new step taken, there is always the potential of being hurt again. We cannot avoid this. This is LIFE. Life is taking chances, but the gifts you can receive by being brave enough and strong enough to step forward is happiness, new fulfilling experiences and love. You may find contentment in knowing that you have incredible purpose and are capable of existing with great happiness in a new world of possibilities outside your shell.

So walk confidently forward, clasp hands with those who will support you, revel in the sun, feel the grass between your toes, enjoy the warm breezes of Spring and remember with every uncertainty there are gratifying rewards.

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