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Marline "Molly" A. Carbone

Aug 06, 1931 - Jun 17, 2024

Marline "Molly" A. Carbone

August 06, 1931 - June 17, 2024


Marline A. (Schiefer) Carbone

Greece: Passed, on June 17, 2024, at the age of 92. Marline is predeceased by her husband, Umberto Carbone; and son, Kenneth Carbone. She is survived by her children, Donald (Cindy) Carbone, Carol (Daniel) Nasso, & Michael (Jeanette) Carbone; grandchildren, Michelle Carbone, Zachary (Yessica) Carbone, Matthew Nasso, Jake Nasso, Andrew Tumia, Samantha Carbone, & Nicholas Carbone.

Marline's life story will be shared during her visitation, on Wednesday, July 17th, from 4-7 PM at the funeral home, 1411 Vintage Lane (Between 390 & Long Pond Rd.). Her funeral service will be celebrated, on Thursday, July 18th, at 10:30 AM at the funeral home. Immediately following her funeral service she will be laid to rest in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

Remebering Molly:

Marline Carbone, known as Molly, was born on August 6, 1931, in Rochester, NY. Growing up primarily in East Rochester, her family relocated to Charlotte after her mother remarried. Molly's early years were marked by hardship; born during the Great Depression, her family, like many others, relied on government assistance. Constantly moving to afford rent, they faced scarcity of food, clothing, and at times, even coal for warmth. These challenges shaped Molly's early life and resilience.

Marline's mother and father were Thomas and Isabelle. Thomas Schiefer, a devout Catholic, struggled with sporadic employment throughout his life but secured a steady mechanic's job shortly before his untimely death at 41 due to a heart condition at home, a day etched in his daughter's memory from countless retellings. Known for his cheerful demeanor, he bestowed affectionate nicknames upon all his children and delighted them with trips to the movies, embodying the role of the gentle, nurturing parent. Isabelle Ferguson, not religious, dedicated herself to homemaking until her husband's passing, after which she joined Delco to provide for their family. Despite being the stricter parent, she expressed her love and kindness in her own steadfast way.

Jacqueline, known as Jackie, was sweet, kind, and naïve, and everyone loved her dearly. William, also known as Billy, had to grow up fast and was more serious and stricter, acting like a father figure. Robert, known as Bobby, was like a big brother to her, always protective, teaching her to drive and taking her everywhere; they were very close. Carol was her best friend and mentor, close throughout their lives. She was kind and loving, yet controlled, having taken on the role of raising younger siblings after their father's death. Carol was also a good dancer and a wonderful mother. Marline, also known as Molly or Scotty. David, known as HahCah, was funny and talented, excelling as a drummer and singer and later becoming a DJ on the radio. He was a good dancer, had the best personality, and was a great father. Thomas, known as Tommy or Todie, was her baby brother, always close to her and his wife. He was kind and loving, though he had a bit of a short temper, and he was a great father. Daniel, known as Danny, was the youngest, growing up without a mother present due to work and never knowing his father. He was very close to Marline, who raised him, and lived with them during his teenage years. She bailed him out of trouble and acted as a mother figure to him.
Molly attended grade school in East Rochester and graduated from Charlotte High School. Her responsibilities at home, including caring for younger siblings and managing household chores, limited her participation in extracurricular activities during her teenage years. Despite this, she enjoyed going to dances and movies like her peers, though she wasn't involved in sports. Molly began her career in production at Kodak, specializing in the dark room, where she forged lasting friendships. After starting a family, she transitioned to babysitting neighborhood children, including Jeffrey, Stacy, Jamie, and Michael, who all adored her. Molly's nurturing nature and community spirit defined her interactions with both colleagues and young charges alike.

Molly was raised Catholic, attending church every Sunday without fail, regardless of the weather. She cherished her social activities, including a monthly craft group with friends and bowling outings with both her girlfriends and her father after his retirement. Engaging in healthy living, she participated in TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), forming friendships that endured for many years, some lasting until her passing. Molly found joy in baking, a passion that brought her immense satisfaction. She also enjoyed reading books, creating intricate crochet pieces, keeping up with soap operas, crafting with her friends, and passionately following the Yankees, all of which enriched her life with hobbies she adored.

Molly met her husband Umberto (Herbie) Carbone at a dance, where she cleverly pretended to need a ride home so he would offer to take her. That very night, she wrote "Mrs. Umberto Carbone" on a piece of paper, knowing he was the one. Together, they raised four children: Kenneth, Donald, Carol, and nine years later, Michael. Embracing traditional roles, Molly managed the household while Herbie worked at Kodak for 35 years as a tin knocker, specializing in HVAC and sheet metal. They were deeply devoted to each other, with my father holding a special admiration for her. Their travels across the United States were primarily to visit Molly's extended family scattered nationwide, though a memorable trip to Germany, arranged by my brother, was a significant highlight for them. Celebrating their 25th anniversary in Las Vegas was another cherished memory. They enjoyed camping together as a family and continued the tradition even after their children had grown. Tending to a garden was a passion, with Molly preserving tomatoes and peaches through canning. Sports, particularly watching the Yankees and hockey, filled their leisure time, and they traveled to attend Yankees games whenever possible.

Mom was deeply connected to a wide circle of friends throughout her life. She cherished her relationships with the group of girls from Kodak, the ladies from the Dobson Road neighborhood, and the women from TOPS, but her closest bonds were always with her siblings and their spouses. She had a passion for entertainment, enjoying soap operas, old movies, and musicals, with a particular love for cop shows like Columbo, Hawaii 50, and The Rockford Files. Mom also adored watching Yankee games and BBC shows, especially Keeping Up Appearances, a series that resonated with her enough for her brother Bob to affectionately nickname her Hyacith after its quirky character. Music was another great love; she listened to everything from the Four Tenors to Beatles classics and Johnny Cash, playing music frequently around the house. She enthusiastically attended plays and performances by the RPO, often singing along, despite her self-admitted lack of vocal prowess. Among her many favorite sayings, her mantra "everybody has got shit" stood out, a reminder to persevere through challenges with resilience: "you just got to get up and plug away."

The most challenging aspect of Mom's life was her mental health, which was plagued by depression and anxiety throughout her entire life. She was open about her struggles, making it acceptable to discuss them openly, and she courageously fought for her own happiness every day. I believe her strength came from her mother, who instilled in her a no-excuses attitude. Despite her own battles, she consistently prioritized the needs of others over her own. Her sister, Carol, had a profound influence on her life, mentoring her and providing invaluable guidance. Mom frequently spoke of Carol with admiration, portraying her as someone who possessed knowledge beyond measure.

Marline's legacy is beautifully captured in the words "KIND - LOVING - FUNNY - GENEROUS - SASSY". She epitomized these qualities throughout her life, especially as a devoted mother, sister, and aunt. Marline's love for her family knew no bounds; she was the glue that kept everyone connected, the heart of every gathering, and the source of endless laughter with her incredible sense of humor. Her generosity was legendary; she never hesitated to help anyone in need, offering support, financial assistance, or simply being there whenever called upon. Marline's honesty and goodness shone through in everything she did, and her sassy spirit added a spark to every interaction. Until the end, she made sure that everyone around her felt cherished, secure, and deeply loved. Marline's legacy lives on in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to know her warmth and kindness.


Wed, Jul 17, 2024 at 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home

1411 Vintage Lane
Rochester, NY 14626

Thu, Jul 18, 2024 at 10:30 am
Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home

1411 Vintage Lane
Rochester, NY 14626

Thu, Jul 18, 2024 at 12:00 pm
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

2461 Lake Ave
Rochester, New York 14612

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