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Geraldine R. Tracy

Apr 11, 1944 - May 11, 2024

Geraldine R. Tracy

April 11, 1944 - May 11, 2024


Passed away on May 11, 2024. Geraldine is predeceased by her parents, Walter & Ruth Curtis; brothers, Robert, Richard & Warren Curtis. She is survived by her devoted husband, Michael Tracy; children, Mark (Julia) Tracy, Robin (Marc Baglin) Montmayeur & Wendy Paradiso; grandchildren, Quinn, Aidan, Olivier, Alaina, Isabelle & Kyla; brothers, & sister, Douglas (Lana) Curtis, Nancy (Lee) Caswell & Dale (Annette) Curtis; many nieces, nephews, and dear friends.

Geraldine's life story will be shared, Thursday, 16th of May, 2024 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the funeral home. Her funeral service will be celebrated on Friday, May 17, 2024, at 11:00 AM at the funeral home. Burial will follow at Parma Union Cemetery.

Geraldine R Tracy was born on April 11, 1944, in Steuben County, Cortland Hospital, New York, Geraldine has deep roots in Cortland. Her maternal grandparents were dairy farmer's; their family farm is still standing today on Sherman Road, named after her maternal lineage. Throughout her formative years, she resided in Webster on Klem Road.

Significant figures in Geraldine's life profoundly shaped her character. Her mother, Ruth, renowned for her resilience and strong work ethic, imparted these values to her daughter. After Ruth's passing in 1984, Geraldine found solace and guidance from her mother-in-law, Gertrude, who offered steadfast support and maternal wisdom. Another influential presence was her maternal grandmother, Pauline, who resided in her ancestral farmhouse until her passing in 1998.

Geraldine excelled in sports, notably volleyball during high school, leveraging height of 5'10". Her athletic prowess earned her the distinction of Best Women Athlete at her graduation ceremony. Beyond high school, she cultivated a passion for bowling, dedicating numerous years to the sport.

Professionally, Geraldine served as a secretary at Xerox, embodying her mother's work ethic and dedication. She loved working with her sister Nancy while pressing apple cider at Schmidt's Farm Market. It was back breaking work, Mom had a great sense of humor and her and Nancy would have fun to make the time pass. Karl Schmidt, the owner, was often too serious and Mom would get him to lighten up and laugh with her and Nancy.
Originally acquaintances turned close friends, Geraldine bonded with Arlene and Pat while working side by side at Burger King. Their shared experiences behind the counter fostered a lasting connection, one that extended beyond the confines of the fast-food restaurant. In their downtime, they often found solace in the simple pleasure of conversing for hours over the phone.

Geraldine's engagement extended beyond her professional endeavors. She actively participated in the Girl Scouts, she often talked about her trip to Mexico with the organization. Her life epitomized strength, resilience, and a profound sense of community.

Within the family dynamic, Geraldine's siblings held unique roles. Robert "Bob," known as the "picture taker," captured cherished moments at family gatherings, especially during Christmas, transforming shy interactions with grandchildren into playful escapades. Douglas proved a wonderful brother to Geraldine, while Richard "Dick," towering at 6'7" with hands capable of lifting children by their heads, left an indelible mark. Nancy, though not a biological sibling, was Geraldine's closest confidante and sewing companion, dedicating years to crafting dance costumes for their shared passion. Younger siblings Warren and Dale benefited from Geraldine's nurturing support as she aided in their upbringing.

Cherished memories from Geraldine's childhood days were spent amidst the cabin, affectionately dubbed WeRa, for Walter Edward and Ruth Ada, by Redwood Lake near Alexandria Bay, NY. It was an annual tradition for all the siblings to gather there, accompanied by their cousins, leaping off towering rocks into the refreshing waters, bonding over fishing adventures with their uncles, and embracing the simple joys of sleeping under the stars in tents. Recollections of her upbringing would lead Geraldine to reminisce about the old farmhouse on Klem Road, where recalls gauging how cold it became by leaving water by the bedside and seeing if it was frozen solid by morning. Amidst laughter-filled tales, Mom would fondly recount her and her mischievous brothers attempting to ride the farm's pigs without their parents finding out.

Geraldine met her future husband, Michael Tracy, and the two embarked on a journey of love and companionship that lasted for 60 years. They exchanged vows on June 13th, 1964, marking the beginning of their enduring partnership.
Their family life was filled with cherished memories and shared adventures. In their early years together, they embraced the outdoors, often camping with a trailer. Geraldine fondly recalls camping trips with Michael and their children at Cedar Point State Park, where they enjoyed the sandy beaches and the lake, teaching their kids to swim.
After relocating from Dorsey Road in Greece, NY, to Manitou Road in Hilton, NY, Geraldine and Michael reveled in the joys of their 11-acre property. They delighted in spending time outside, whether it was by the pool or watching their children play in forts, ride bikes, and explore in their lot car.

Their family vacations included a memorable journey to Busch Gardens and Disney World in Florida. Driving from Hilton, NY, in a green Chevy Nova, Michael ingeniously converted the back seat into a makeshift bed for their children to sleep on during the trip. Geraldine kept the journey entertaining with games, such as spotting license plates from all 50 states as they passed other vehicles.

Geraldine was a wonderful mother to her children, Robin, Wendy, and Mark. She was endlessly supportive of her son Mark's interests in baseball, bowling, and participation in Boy Scouts. Their scout troop embarked on camping trips once a month, with two-week-long excursions to Massawepie Scout camp every summer. Ensuring Mark was well-prepared for these adventures, Geraldine diligently packed all the necessities for their camping trips and organized grocery shopping outings for their patrol before each campout. However, upon Mark's return home, she was firm in her insistence that he shed all his outdoor garments in the garage before entering the house, as she was determined to keep the scent of campfire outside. Despite her strictness in this regard, Geraldine was equally supportive of her daughters Robin and Wendy's dance hobbies, earning her the title of the dance school Mom.

Geraldine tirelessly shuttled her children to various activities like baseball, bowling, and dancing. Her trusty Volkswagen Dasher, equipped with a distinctive whistle that announced her arrival from miles away, became a familiar sight to her children and a symbol of her unwavering commitment to their happiness and growth. For Geraldine, her loving nature was evident in her diligently packing lunches, including her son Michael's, to crafting wholesome home-cooked meals featuring fresh meats and vegetables, she spared no effort in ensuring her family's well-being.

Geraldine loved having long conversations with her sister-friend, Nancy, often spending hours on the phone with her. She enjoyed reading Barbara Cartland novels repeatedly and having coffee while observing the wildlife in her backyard. Geraldine's dedication extended to her husband and both sides of the family, as she cherished spending time with them. She delighted in playing computer games, relishing her victories in casinos and card games, and even taught her nephew Olivier poker at five years old. Puzzles and sewing were among her other favorite activities. However, she was irked by the persistent geese attempting to nest on the island in her pond and the challenges she faced as a left-handed person in a world designed for right-handed individuals.
A fond memory lingered of her parents attending a Barry Manilow concert in Rochester, a great occasion that occurred once the children had grown and ventured out on their own.

Television held a special place in Geraldine's heart, particularly the timeless humor of "Hogan's Heroes" and the gripping intrigue of the "Midsummer Murder" series. Yet, amidst her favorite shows and music, Geraldine's unwavering dedication to her family stood paramount.

Additionally, King, the beloved Newfoundland dog, held a cherished place within the family. During the 1960s and 1970s, King garnered ribbons and accolades within the Newfoundland club community, thanks to Geraldine and Micheal's efforts in entering him into shows.

Geraldine cherished her Calico cat, "Tracey," a stray brought home by Micheal during her pregnancy with five kittens. Micheal humorously attributed the kittens' paternity to a traveling salesman when putting them up for adoption. Tracey often accompanied Geraldine in the garden at the Manitou Roadhouse, consistently outpacing them to reach the back step after gardening sessions.

Geraldine's passing leaves behind a legacy of kindness, laughter, and cherished memories. Though she may be gone, her spirit will forever live on in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to know her.


Thu, May 16, 2024 at 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home

1411 Vintage Lane
Rochester, NY 14626

Fri, May 17, 2024 at 11:00 am
Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home

1411 Vintage Lane
Rochester, NY 14626

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