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John A. Damico

Apr 15, 1929 - Feb 11, 2021


John A. Damico, Esq.Greece, NY - February 11, 2021.  John passed away peacefully in his home on February 11, 2021.   He is predeceased by his beloved wife of 63 years, Frances May Damico and brother-in-law, Charles Swynenberg.  He is survived by his children, Philip E. Damico, Karl...

John A. Damico

April 15, 1929 - February 11, 2021

Lori Simonson (Auger) February 27, 2021

John and Fran, Mr. and Mrs. Damico, where such amazing people. My parents, Marlene and Bruce Auger thought so much of their friendship. I'm certain my Mom and Fran are enjoying their time together again and now have John to join them in God's home. My Dad, Bruce, looks forward to seeing you all at a future service.
Take care

Kathy Rittler Bullivant February 22, 2021

Well, my three sisters have already written about all the wonderful memories we all have of John. One of my favorite memories growing up is when he would shake our hands whenever we would see each other. He always made a big deal of tightening up our “loose bones”, which always made all of us giggle. Fran and John were always patient with us. Whether is was us sledding down the hill in their back yard or playing in the creek behind their house. After moving away, whenever anything big happened in my life, my first thought was to always fill the Damico’s in. There isn’t any memory from my childhood that doesn’t include either Fran or John. This past summer, my youngest son, enjoyed bringing Mr. John sweet treats and riding his bike on the driveway and wave to John while he was sitting in the front room window. The Damico’s may have been our neighbors, but they were always way more then that. John will be greatly missed. I hope Fran had some rhubarb pie waiting for John, topped with some ice cream❤️

Jennifer (Rittler) Gengo February 22, 2021

I think I could fill this site with my many memories of John. What two of my sisters have written are all so very true. I have some very special memories all my own having been the youngest. I was often out on the front lawn tumbling while John was trying to mow. If you knew John you knew he had a set pattern. Well the times i was out there he’d get a big smile and start chasing me(well out of his pattern) and tell me to stop denting his lawn. It was always a great chase. There were many times we’d be swimming in our pool when John would yell over asking us to come stir up his water. We’d have a great time running back and forth. Fran and John would sit in the breezeway watching us always with a snack waiting in return. Some of my very favorite memories are the countless Friday nights and Saturday mornings I got to tag along. Every Friday night I’d pile in the car with my parent’s and Fran and John and head out to dinner. I’d always sit next to John and eat the croutons off his salad. One night he decided he’d fix me and he ordered me my own bowl of croutons and salad dressing. That became our Friday night would the waitress react. After dinner we’d head to Fran and John’s where we’d play Euchre for hours and have a special dessert. Then Saturday morning we’d head out for breakfast. After that I’d spend my time following John around helping to clean the pool or follow him to his office or into the woods. I’ll forever remember John with the hat and the turkey feather. Once I moved out and away I’d always look out to see when Fran and John would walk a-crossed to say hello. Most recently I’d love seeing Johns smile when I’d wave from the yard or bring over a special treat just for him. He was always happy with some apple pie or ice cream from Abbott’s. I’m thankful for the time this summer and our shared s’mores and time in the yard. John will always be so much more than a neighbor.... the Damico’s are our family. John will be so greatly missed but I know he and Fran are playing a mean game of dice “Columbus took a chance”

Debbie Rittler Zanghi February 22, 2021

There’s isn’t much I can add to my sister’s beautiful tribute...John was the epitome of a life well lived. I’ll forever cherish the memories of stumbling upon John in the woods behind our houses, binoculars around his neck , always happy to answer my questions about whatever bird he had in his sight. Or the many times over the years I’d happily see him walking with Fran to our back door for a chat, dessert, or card game. As the years went by and we left home there was always the request upon returning to have them over to catch up and share whatever had changed in our lives since we’d last seen them. Their generous enthusiasm and open spirits were a genuine part of the sense of homecoming for us.

As for that piece of warm pie Fran has waiting for John, I’m betting there’s a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it too❤️

Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home February 22, 2021

John Wilson February 22, 2021

I came for a short visit to see Phil and ended up staying for three or four months! That’s how Mr. & Mrs. D were - opened up their home to everyone. I haven’t seen Mr. D in years but when I did it was just like yesterday. I’m richer in my live having known Mr. & Mrs. D.

Leslie Rittler Boutcher February 21, 2021

I can honestly say that in my over 50 years of having John in my life I don’t have a single memory of him where he wasn’t smiling and bringing joy to the people around him. Whether it was letting all the neighborhood kids play pick up games of kickball in his front yard, joking over a game of cards with Fran and my parents, smiling while mowing his lawn or the glee in his eyes when we snuck him his favorite desserts in his later years.

John was always a willing mentor, friend and a true gentleman who I am honored to have in my life and those of my kids.

I’m sure Fran has some warm apple pie waiting for you in heaven🕊🙏🏻❤️

Dr. Mark Hirsch February 21, 2021

John and Fran were good friends with my parents. I always remember John as a kind man who took interest in us kids. I remember those tractor rides too. Now the whole gang is partying in heaven!

Edward Arnold February 21, 2021

John and Fran are in my memories as a friend of Phil I spent time at there house and always enjoyed seeing them as well as Fran was a great cook , the whole family is wonderful may God bless you all

Vitamarie Trincali February 21, 2021

So very sorry to hear of John’s passing. He and Fran were always so welcoming when I, along with many others, would visit Phil and end up enjoying the pool and sometimes spending the night on a couch. He and Fran have a lot to be proud of in their family. I pray that wonderful memories will bring peace to family and friends now and always.

Mike Chaba February 21, 2021

Phil, I am very sorry to hear of the passing of your Dad. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Lori and Mike Chaba.

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