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Obituary Guidelines

Rochester, NY Obituary Guidelines

For Monroe County residents, most will place a death notice in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. Our funeral directors assist in the creation of the paid obituary in the newspaper, this printed edition will also appear on their website. The cost for an obituary is approximately $11 per line, per day. Content must be finalized by 4:30pm on the day prior to the desired run date.

Our funeral home recommends that in addition to the paid notice, social media is engaged as well. The favored media for obituary notification is Facebook, this can be just as effective or more so than the paid edition. By communicating to a more targeted audience and in a timely fashion, the information can effectively be distributed to your family, friends & acquaintances. To share our funeral home’s obituary, return to the home page at www.bartolomeo.com and click on the appropriate obituary. Once there, click on the blue “share” button under the image to share the obituary to your timeline.

Content to include in the death notice:

  • The first paragraph should give basic information such as name, age, residence city, date and place of death. Include all survivors including the spouse and children, other relatives, pets & friends. Family members who preceded the decedent in death should also be mentioned.
  • The second paragraph should include educational accomplishments including post high school education and degrees earned. Military service, work history, marriages and residential history help to complete pertinent information. You may also mention affiliations with a church, synagogue or other place of worship, and membership in clubs, civic and fraternal organizations.
  • The obituary should conclude with all the particulars of the funeral service: day, date, time and place of service, place of burial, visitation information, memorial services and any prayer or vigil services that are scheduled. List any memorial funds here that have been established.
  • It is a gracious gesture to give thanks to any people or groups for care given to the deceased.

Remember that these suggestions are only guidelines.

When writing your obituary or the obituary of a loved one, you may wish to use your own style. Just be sure to include all the important information. Check out the obituaries in your local newspaper for ideas, or ask your family funeral director for assistance. He or she is experienced in writing obituaries, and can be an excellent source of guidance and advice for putting your thoughts together.

Give consideration to the newspapers where the obituary should be printed. With today’s mobile society, many people make sure that their hometown newspaper also receives the obituary. Nowadays, most newspapers will charge a fee for obituaries.

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