Identity Theft, Protect Yourself TODAY

Identity Theft, Protect Yourself TODAY


IDENTITY THEFT… It strikes a chord of fear. Regrettably, it is on the rise, and now is the time to protect yourselves and your loved ones.

My firsthand experience with this propelled me to write about this terrible reality. A close elderly relative was unlucky enough to take a phone call that drew them into a costly scam. Before the onset of mild dementia, I couldn’t fathom them being taken in by such deception. As it goes, a scammer focuses on fear and vulnerability, using believable scenarios that lure people into acting immediately.

Unknown Call, Emails, or Texts
Be wary of anyone unknown to you using high-urgency verbiage concerning your assets or information.

For example: “This is the Social Security office. We’re calling because it has come to our attention that your information has been stolen. We highly recommend that you take your money out of your bank accounts now and transfer them to VISA gift cards where we will assist you in relocating those funds to a secure account.”

Remember, government agencies wouldn’t normally call, text, email or contact you via social media asking you about your personal information. Also, most banks and other financial institutions have layers of security often requiring additional unique information