Dealing With Grief After A Bad Diagnosis

Life can be full of tragic events, but undoubtedly one of the more tragic events is being diagnosed with a life-limiting disease such as cancer. It’s difficult enough to hear such a diagnosis for oneself, but it’s often just as difficult to hear such a diagnosis for a loved one. The Five Stages of Grief are often referred to when dealing with coping methods. The stages don’t just describe what people usually go through, but can also help them understand where they are in terms of coping.

How Do The Five Stages of Grief Work? 

Not everyone goes through the five stages in the same way. Some people are able to quickly accept their situation and move on. In some cases, a diagnosis might even bring relief when someone has been struggling with health symptoms and no answers. Some people are not even aware that they are cycling through the stages. Others may find themselves on one stage for a long time, or they may go back to other stages during the course of the diagnosis and ensuing illness. The important thing to understand is that not everyone deals with negative emotions in the same way.

Stages 1-3: Denial, Anger, Bargaining 

Denial is almost al